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Things Going On

I’m trying to finish my Masters degree as fast as I can. As a result, I’m swamped. I have one incomplete from last Fall Term that I need to complete before the end of this term or I forfeit the credits. Meanwhile, I have a term paper due soon in another class as well as a digital project for yet another that is far more involved than I was initially led to believe.

91c2sYiXitL._SL1500_I miss blogging. I have no time for it right now.

Because I missed Halloween, the photo is from Amazon.com’s costumes section. I wanted to post this because it struck me as funny–dressing up a dog like a Triceratops, which happens to be my favorite dinosaur. Better late than never.

I hope everyone is well.


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The Dogs of Whimsies

(2014-02-18 019)Whimsies Incognito is closing its doors this Sunday, February 23. I stopped there on Tuesday to see how things were going, and a lot of the merchandise that I knew from visiting for months is gone. The store still looks like it has a lot, but to the trained eye you can see that things are starting to get bare. Where there was once merchandise hanging from the ceiling and high up on the walls are now barren.

While there, I snapped this picture of Jackie’s dogs, Linus and Trevor, who is looking at the camera. The dog has good ears; he heard me turn on my camera, which “woke” him. I love Labradors: they are big, dumb, lovable dogs. Once he knows you, Linus enjoys showing you his bone/toy of the moment. Trevor is more reserved, at least around me. Still, he always comes over and “says” hello before trotting back to lay down.

Aren’t they cute?

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