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Marching for Women in Poughkeepsie

2017-01-21-006On January 21, I marched to support the rights of women in Poughkeepsie, New York. A close friend of mine braved the trip to Washington, D.C., which I did not want to try and do. So, when Tara, a friend from the Historical Society, suggested Poughkeepsie, I liked the idea. Poughkeepsie, after all, may not be a major city of the United States, but it is still a city with a statement to make. Why not help them make it?

It was cold, but not as cold as it was walking across the bridge over the Hudson. It got colder as soon as we neared the other side, and remained cold until we crossed back over. There was a lot of positive vibes from the participants, and the march was upbeat. I got a cool tee-shirt to mark the occasion.

2017-02-04-001Besides Tara, her friend Joanie came along. We took Metro-North in the wee hours of the morning and then walked over to the site of the march. There was no parking anywhere close to the sight as the lots were packed with participants, with many more looking for places to park.

The pics are of the crossing, of Tara and Joanie, and of a Christmas tree that was still decorated at this late date.


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The Hudson, soon to be Ice-Free

What a different two weeks makes!

The image on the left was how the Hudson River looked near the Philipse Manor train station at the end of February. The right image is how the same area looked on March 11th, during a week of temperatures that were above freezing. There’s still ice in places on the Hudson, but it’s finally melting!

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Winter Birds

(2015-02-26 001)Last week, I was surprised by the group of ducks in this photograph. They were across the street from the elderly apartment building. As soon as I stopped to take the picture, they came toward me, thinking that I had food for them, which I didn’t.

I saw a group of birds once before this and the evening after I took this photo. Both were in the small park down from the Tarrytown train station, but it was not this group of birds. That group were swans (geese?) and they were BIG.

Most of the park’s walkways are not plowed, so they were on the big area that was. (Still, that concrete must have been COLD!) I had to make two of them move to get by. The next night, they were again in the park on the concrete.

This winter has been hard on everything. I have a small bird feeder on my back porch that I try and keep filled for the birds, but the ducks and swans are too large to eat from it. Because it’s on a post and open on all sides, the birds usually use my living room window sill as a place to eat. (I discovered this when I heard their wings bumping the window.)

Below are photographs of the Hudson River over the past two weeks. You can see how iced-over it is; the colder it is, the more ice forms. This week we are supposed to have a day with a high around 45 and it’s supposed to rain. I don’t know if that will help or hurt, as everything freezes again every night.


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The Long Winter

Winter seems to be never-ending.

Once we got a major snow dump at the end of January (under a foot, but more than 6 inches), the snow just keeps coming down. We have had scares of more major snowstorms, but so far we have gotten under 5 inches of snow. Yet, the snow doesn’t melt. At least, it’s not melting fast enough for me.

I discovered that my car, parked off the street in a pull-in space that is on a 25-30-degree angle, is stuck: the front tires spin, but I get no traction. Gravity is negated; apparently the ice around the tires is strong enough to hold the car in place. I need to free my car to do laundry by the end of the week.

The photos I’ve taken are earlier in the month, but what you see hasn’t changed. The Philipsburg Manor house and millpond are still covered in snow; the photo of the snow-covered street was just pretty, so I snapped that pic; the shores of the Hudson are still covered in ice; the sunny pic is something that even I have realized that the area is missing: the sun. We have not been seeing the sun very much. Most of the days are just gray and cold. VERY cold. We are in the middle of dangerous cold weather where one can get frostbite if one is not careful.

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Snowy Days

Well, the nor’easter (Winter Storm Juno–when did they start naming winter storms?) that was supposed to hit Monday night through Wednesday didn’t really pan out, at least in my area.

Thankfully, we didn’t get the 10-22 inches that was being called for. We did, however, get enough. I now see that there is even more snow fell Thursday night, and snow is being called for Monday.

Remember the old days when we would get an inch or so of snow, it would melt, and then we would get more? I suppose this is going to be the new norm: several inches being dumped, and then several more inches falling in the next several days, followed by even more snow …

I’m sure the kids are loving it, though. I remember being in middle school and one very bad winter when the schools were closed several weeks in January and February. Back then they had built into the schedule snow days, but this even taxed the bank. Still, I don’t remember going that much later into June.

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The Cold Days of January

This month has been cold. That one, big snowstorm didn’t help things.

Nonetheless, I decided to walk to the Philipse Manor train station. Philipse Manor is part of Sleepy Hollow, but it’s on the other side of Philipsburg Manor, the historic 17th century center of … well, civilization at that time.

This building used to be the train station, but it now houses a writer's workshop. A peek in the window revealed a huge table

This building used to be the train station, but it now houses a writer’s workshop. A peek in the window revealed a huge table

Anyway, the train station is behind the housing area that is called Philipse Manor. It’s two miles away from my apartment as opposed to the just under one mile Tarrytown train station. And why, you ask, would I want to go to Philipse Manor and not Tarrytown? Two reasons.

One, I need the exercise. For the past three days (two of them being quite cold), I walked up to Philipse Manor to see if I could get there without leaving too much earlier. I found out that I could. An extra fifteen minutes is all I need. It’s also nice to be able to get some exercise in before going into work.

This train may appear to be going forward, but the "engine" is the last car; it's headed in the opposite direction

This train may appear to be going forward, but the “engine” is the last car; it’s headed in the opposite direction

Two, there’s just too many people trying to catch the express trains in Tarrytown. I got tried of trying to get on the train before this person or that one. And no matter where one stood, there was always the day when you would stand because there were no seats–unless you wanted to squeeze into a middle east on a three-seat bank. I watched a businessman tell his daughter–who probably came up to my thigh–to get ahead of people to get them seats. (He did this daily.) This after they would arrive late, but being small she always got around people. Except me. I blocked her on several occasions with my shoulder bag. One has to wonder that, years from now, will the daughter and her friends push their way through people to get onto the trains first?

It’s barbaric, and uncivilized. I’m tired of it. There’s a lot of people getting on at Philipse Manor, but probably four times as many get on in Tarrytown. It’s always fun when the train is a car or two short, which happens occasionally .

No, I’ll walk the extra mile. I can get a window seat, get comfy and write my diary or read a book.

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