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The Dogs of Whimsies

(2014-02-18 019)Whimsies Incognito is closing its doors this Sunday, February 23. I stopped there on Tuesday to see how things were going, and a lot of the merchandise that I knew from visiting for months is gone. The store still looks like it has a lot, but to the trained eye you can see that things are starting to get bare. Where there was once merchandise hanging from the ceiling and high up on the walls are now barren.

While there, I snapped this picture of Jackie’s dogs, Linus and Trevor, who is looking at the camera. The dog has good ears; he heard me turn on my camera, which “woke” him. I love Labradors: they are big, dumb, lovable dogs. Once he knows you, Linus enjoys showing you his bone/toy of the moment. Trevor is more reserved, at least around me. Still, he always comes over and “says” hello before trotting back to lay down.

Aren’t they cute?

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The End of Whimsies

Whimsies Home 2 (Resized)For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile, you’ve heard me mention Whimsies Incognito, a local Tarrytown shop that’s been around for over 25 years. Whimsies is closing its doors in February. Owner Jackie has decided to retire.

As was stated in Whimsies’ the last blog post, the retail business has changed over those 25 years. You now have 24/7 shopping thanks to the Internet. People don’t shop like they used to before the Internet was created. Whimsies was online only to advertise what was in the store, not to sell. This is how Jackie wanted it.

Whimsies was more than just a store but a place to visit to see Jackie, her dogs and her staff. This is where I met Karen, Hilary and Sarah. Whimsies helped sell me on the Tarrytown-Sleepy Hollow area to live. I would stop in to say hello and see how everything was going. A lot of people would do this. Jackie and Co. were part of the Tarrytown community. It was also fun to look at the new merchandise that came in since the last visit.

And Whimsies would sell some very eclectic things that were simply cool. The Original String Doll Gang from Thailand were a big hit when they first appeared; I have several hanging around my apartment. There were always handmade ceramics for sale from different vendors from around the country. Birdhouses, bird feeders, dog and cat paraphernalia, cooking utensils, baking pans, cutting boards–you name it, Whimsies probably had some form of it in the store. What was sold came from small, independent artists and creators whose merchandise was made by hand. That was what made Whimsies special.

In February 2009, Whimsies was forced to move from their long-time location on Main Street to the current one on South Broadway. Whimsies was now away from the regular foot traffic that walked from the Tarrytown train station and up into town. Even though Whimsies was now only around the corner and up the hill from Main Street, it was in the opposite direction from the main businesses on South Broadway. This had an effect on business.

There’s a 30% everything sale going on right now. Already there are bare areas to be seen in the store. Many of the nicest things are already gone, never to be replaced.

If you are interested in stores selling the unusual, make a stop at Whimsies before the doors close for good. And though Whimsies will be gone, I intend to stay in touch with Jackie and Co., whom I consider friends.


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