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Gadsby’s Tavern, a Place to Eat with a Past

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Gadsby’s Tavern is in Alexandria, a place that has a long past. It was here that George Washington and other colonials ate with friends and family. There are two parts of the tavern, the original, small building built in 1785 and the later, grander building that is joined to the old building and opened in 1792. The small building is where the museum is housed; the new building is still a place to eat lunch and dinner. The tavern was also an inn when originally built; it’s now only a place to eat.

Gadsby's Tavern, the small left is the original tavern (and now a museum) and the right building still used as a restaurant

Gadsby’s Tavern, the small left building is the original tavern (and now a museum) and the big right building is still used as a restaurant

Mary had the peanut soup and a salad; I had the braised Hessian beef. It was good. I wanted something different, something that was eaten in the colonies that I wouldn’t normally have for lunch.

We had a very nice time. I’d love to go back to Gadsby’s. New York has a few places down in the old part of Manhattan, down towards the point, where Washington and other colonials once ate. Unfortunately, I never get down to that part of the city. I’m in Midtown.

Perhaps one weekend I’ll make a trip down and look for Manhattan’s colonial past.

The sign on the sidewalk

The sidewalk sign

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Killing Time in Alexandria, Virginia

The Alexandria town hall

The Alexandria town hall

The reception at the library wasn’t until evening, but Mary wanted us to be close to Mount Vernon before the DC rush hour traffic hit, so we left around one and went to Alexandria. I don’t ever remember visiting Alexandria before.

Red brick dominates the place, and there are stringent rules when erecting new buildings or renovating old ones. The historic atmosphere must be preserved. We walked around in the very high humidity for an hour or so.

A street in Alexandria

A street in Alexandria

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