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Christmas at the Historical Society

(2014-12-20 002)Better late than never.

I helped a wee bit in the decorating of the Historical Society for the holidays. I added a few ornaments to the tree, and that was about it. Others put up the tree and the decorations. There was a harp concert and some refreshments to celebrate the season earlier in the month, but I did not attend. (I had way too much homework to do.)

This year’s theme is, no surprise, toys and dolls of yesteryear. The school marm was “dolled-up” in a new outfit and(2014-12-20 001) made the mistress of the house where she looked on with her daughter at the beautifully-decorated tree. There were no lights on the tree, however; there are never any lights put on the tree. Technically, candles should be put on the tree, but there is no way that you could convince anyone in the place to actually risk burning down the building for that. The tree was decorated with ornaments from the 19th and 20th centuries. There were lights put up in other rooms.


The rooms of the first floor were filled with different objects that were once cherished by children. The displays were a bit heavy on dolls, but there were some interesting toys, like the Noah’s Ark that was near the tree. There are still arks being sold to children, but it was nice to see a toy from decades gone by that some child or children played with and enjoyed. (It was well-worn, so it was obvious that children had played with it.)

There were a variety of dolls, many being Asian, which surprised me. Some of the dolls were strange-looking, and I had to wonder if they didn’t scare the children instead of amusing them. What follows is some of the dolls still on display in the Historical Society.

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Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Last night, I went to dinner with friends and on the way back to Grand Central, I stopped at Rockefeller Center and saw the Christmas tree, which has become an annual event for me. The tree, as always, looks magnificent. The crowds, as usual, were horrible and I could hardly wait to escape eastward.

The ball above Times Square, looking down Seventh Avenue from 48th Street towards 42nd Street

The ball above Times Square, looking down Seventh Avenue from 48th Street towards 42nd Street

On the way over to Rockefeller, I crossed Times Square. Only true New Yorkers detest Times Square and avoid it at all costs. Those new year’s festivities? Tourista. New Yorkers may go ONCE to see the ball drop, but I’ve never met anyone who does it regularly or more than once. Still, crossing Seventh Avenue, I spotted the ball being prepared for the festivities.

I didn’t get home until after midnight. I’ve been seeing the tree outside of the Sleepy Hollow village hall, and though it is much simpler (and smaller), I think that it is nonetheless pretty, so I finally snapped a pic on the way home.

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