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Art or Not?–You Decide

Thomas Jefferson on one of the sides of the piece of art

Thomas Jefferson on one of the sides of the piece of art

This piece of art is in honor of Thomas Jefferson and stands near the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, Vermont.

Each arm holds something different. In one, a church; in the other, scales representing the state. Although I didn’t see it, my friend told me that the arms move.

Well, what do you think?

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Manchester, Vermont

I spent last weekend up in Manchester, Vermont. I had never been to Vermont before, and I went with a friend . It took us 2 ½ hours from New Milford, Connecticut (it took me an hour to drive from Sleepy Hollow to there), and she drove. We took country roads and passed through many small towns that were very quaint. From the road, we could see lots of farms and animals.

The leaves have already started to change up there. Sunday was the first official day of Fall, although it has been feeling like Fall for weeks now. The foliage is not at its colorful peak yet, but many of the hills were starting to look gorgeous.

We stayed in the Swiss Inn, a small, family-owned hotel. We ate at The Perfect Wife, which shares the same building with the tavern above, The Other Woman. (They’re owned by the same people.) We had gone to the restaurant but it was wait until a table had opened up; who knew you needed reservations? So we went to the tavern but discovered that the sirloin tips, available on the menu in the restaurant, was not available in the tavern. (They have different menus.) So we went back down and waited probably for 20 minutes.

The food was spectacular! I had the sautéed Misty Knoll Farm Chicken Breast, and my friend had her tips. We were very happy with our dishes, and the spring roll appetizers were good. By the time we left, the place was nearly empty. So we headed back to the Swiss Inn.

My friend didn’t have a good sleep. She had forgotten the cord for the machine that helps her to breathe when she sleeps. Also, the room was stuffy even though it was cold outside. Then it poured down rain and she got wet. We had switched beds because she wanted to be near the window, which she opened and then had to close in the middle of the night. For some reason the bathroom was cold, and we left the door to it open but it didn’t help the stuffiness.

I got up early and got ready for the free breakfast, which was delicious. I chatted with my waitress. She made sure that I had authentic Vermont food for my big breakfast. She was originally from Norwalk, Connecticut.

My friend opted to stay in bed and try and get some sleep. She chose to eat later–and regretted it.

There’s a great bookstore in Manchester, the Northshire Bookstore. It is a multi-level store that is fun to explore. Their very top floor houses the children’s section as well as the events area where they have speaker and author signings. We stopped there Saturday night, but we went back on Sunday to buy some things. They have a great café that can be entered from the street. The tables are up a short staircase in the bookstore, and that area is big!

We went to Robert Lincoln’s house, but just drove up the road to take a picture. We passed through Bennington, Vermont, on the way home. We were exhausted. I didn’t get back to Sleepy Hollow until 9:30 or so.


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