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Hell Kitty

Halloween Kitty (Resized)Well, not really.

My friend Lucye sent me this photo of her sister’s cat. One of Lucye’s friends took this picture. No red eyes here, just eerie, glowing green eyes!

Just in time for Halloween!


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Kent, Connecticut

Kent CT-Church Steeple (2013-08-17 010)

When I first moved to New York, I lived in Brewster. One day I took a drive up Route 7 just to see something. I ended up in Kent, a small town with some charm. For awhile, I visited Kent every summer, visiting that big, book sale. This year I bought several paperback mysteries.

The book sale supports Kent Memorial Library which, I was told, gets very little money from taxes. There was a raffle for a convertible that was being held for the library.

If you are up near Kent Connecticut, stop by and spend some money on books to help keep the Kent Memorial Library open.

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Look at This

(2013-07-11 129)

A friend and I were coming back from the Met and were walking down Lexington Avenue when she spotted this little cutie snoozing in the window.

Even the stuffed dogs don’t scare this cat.

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