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Poetry from the Subway: Patrick Philips, Heaven

I was riding the subway the other day and looked up to find this poem on one of the boards. Normally ads decorate the subway cars, but this was just a poem. Not that I ascribe to the sentiments in the poem, but I did think that this was an interesting way to look at what the afterlife might be like.

Patrick Philips, Heaven

It will be the past

and we’ll live there together.(2014 -04-05 063

Not as it was to live

but as it is remembered.

It will be the past

we’ll all go back together.

Everyone we ever loved

and lost, and must remember.

It will be the past

And it will last forever. Continue reading


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Along Library Way in Manhattan

(2015-04-17 009)The other day, I was walking to Grand Central and on the way I snapped some photographs of the Humanities and Social Sciences Library of NYPL. (Final project for class.) After snapping some pics, I headed down Madison Avenue and turned onto 41st Street, the block facing Park Avenue. It was then that I realized that I could fulfill one of my dreams.

I stood in the middle of the sidewalk like a tourista and took a photograph of (2015-04-17 008)the sidewalk.

Ah, but not just any part of the sidewalk. 41st Street’s blocks between Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue have been designated “Library Way,” since the main entrance to NYPL is across from 41st Street on Fifth. Besides renaming these two blocks, the city put bronze (well, they appear bronze) plates in the cement to celebrate NYPL. There are all sorts of quotes, designs, whatever in celebration of libraries and, I assume, knowledge and civilization.

This is a popular tourista attraction: standing in the middle of the sidewalks (2015-04-22 011to photograph these amazing markers–much to the annoyance of New Yorkers. Having lived here for years, I knew better. Still, I took my pics, then quickly headed to the terminal.

If you ever come to the city, be sure to stand on 41st Street between Fifth and Park Avenues so that you can read each and every one of these markers. I’ve actually seen some people do this, or I assumed I did since I didn’t stand around and wait for them to finish.


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Spring at Last: Bird Feeding

The following pictures were taken through my window as I watched the local birds fighting to get to the bird feeder. And I do mean fight: I could hear the squawking and chirping as the birds fought to get into the four openings to the seed.

I decided to feed the birds in winter, spring and fall. They don’t need to be fed in summer, since food is plentiful. I’m actually using up the seed I bought last year.

Those birds really are pigs. Within two days, the feeder is empty. I don’t have to worry about checking on it, though. There’s always a chirp-chirp-chirp, a lone call, that comes right through the windows. Maybe the birds take turns. I don’t know, but the lone chirping is how I know that the feeder is empty.

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Art or Not?–You Decide

I have no idea who created this or what flower it is supposed to be. This artwork is in the Portland, Oregon Convention Center, where I was last week for a convention. I tried to find out who created this and what its title was, but I could find no information anywhere, and I looked on several levels. It is suspended from the ceiling in two parts at different ends of the convention center.

Like it?


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