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The Hudson, soon to be Ice-Free

What a different two weeks makes!

The image on the left was how the Hudson River looked near the Philipse Manor train station at the end of February. The right image is how the same area looked on March 11th, during a week of temperatures that were above freezing. There’s still ice in places on the Hudson, but it’s finally melting!

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Spring, Where Did You Go?


The past two days have felt more like early or mid-April rather than the end of May. It’s been COLD. Today, at least the sun is out. The photos of the daffodils were taken back when they were blooming at Philipsburg Manor. They were so nice that I leaned over the fence and snapped the pics.

It takes a lot of time and effort to blog, but I like it. I have been taking pictures, but sometimes I don’t know if I should put up the images or not. In most cases I get lazy and don’t get around to writing the entry. There’s a story with the following photos. One morning, I saw a family of swans headed to the mill pond at Philipsburg Manor. I was in a hurry so I didn’t have time to snap any pictures, but watching the cygnets (baby swans) run towards the water was really cute.

I usually get off at the Tarrytown station in the evening, but I decided to get off at Philipse Manor to get more exercise. I’m glad that I did. Imagine my surprise when I saw the same (?) family heading away from the pond, the cygnets running all around. This time I snapped some pics.

And lastly, I went to work a few weeks ago late and happened to be looking over at the eagle statue at the Philipse Manor station when I saw this nearby. Intrigued, I snapped some quick photos. I had no idea what it was, so I emailed my friend Mary in Maryland. Mary used to be a veterinary assistant, volunteer at the zoo, and just LOVES animals, so I figured she’d know. She did:

He/she (?) is a groundhog, a la Punxsutawney Phil, or in this case, Philipse Phil!  Harmless and cute, and yes, like rats, in the rodent family 🙂

So there you have it. Wild animals are alive and well in Sleepy Hollow.




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Another Eagle

(2014-03-04 001)This eagle, like the one at the Philipse Manor train station, is from Grand Central Depot. It is above the entrance to Grand Central Terminal at the corner of Vanderbilt Avenue and 42nd Street. I quickly snapped this picture right before I crossed the street to catch my train home one evening.

Unlike the eagle at Philipse Manor, where anyone can walk up to it, this eagle is inaccessible to people, being along the elevated Park Avenue that splits and goes around Grand Central.


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The Eagle at Philipse Manor

(2014-02-27 001)There’s an eagle at the Philips Manor train station.

Not a real one, just a statue. I took some pictures of it. It reminded me of the eagle at Grand Central, which I thought was one of the eagles rescued from the destroyed Penn Station in 1969 and moved there. However, it turns out that this eagle, which stares straight ahead with its wings outstretched, is related to that eagle, which is looking over its shoulder. Both these eagles are from the old Grand Central Depot, which was torn down in 1910 to build the current Grand Central Terminal.

There were a lot of these eagles, 12 are known but no (2014-02-27 002)one is sure how many there really were that adorned the old depot. Like a dandelion gone to seed, the old depot gave up its eagles before disappearing. These eagles have been scattered all over the metropolitan area, turning up in backyards and adorning small towns and villages. And, typically, after decades and public forgetfulness, that which is lost is rediscovered and a feeling of nostalgia sweeps over everyone. Soon there’s a movement to restore that which was lost (2014-02-27 003)or, at least in this case, two eagles returned to adorn the current Grand Central Terminal.

While I catch the train, it stands there, staring out over the train tracks. Is it guarding the station, or staring off into the past?

“Eagles on the roof. Grand Central Terminal. Part 3,” Big Apple Secrets, June 23, 2013.
“Rare Avis: an Iron Eagle Returning to City Roost,” The New York Times, June 20, 1997.

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The Cold Days of January

This month has been cold. That one, big snowstorm didn’t help things.

Nonetheless, I decided to walk to the Philipse Manor train station. Philipse Manor is part of Sleepy Hollow, but it’s on the other side of Philipsburg Manor, the historic 17th century center of … well, civilization at that time.

This building used to be the train station, but it now houses a writer's workshop. A peek in the window revealed a huge table

This building used to be the train station, but it now houses a writer’s workshop. A peek in the window revealed a huge table

Anyway, the train station is behind the housing area that is called Philipse Manor. It’s two miles away from my apartment as opposed to the just under one mile Tarrytown train station. And why, you ask, would I want to go to Philipse Manor and not Tarrytown? Two reasons.

One, I need the exercise. For the past three days (two of them being quite cold), I walked up to Philipse Manor to see if I could get there without leaving too much earlier. I found out that I could. An extra fifteen minutes is all I need. It’s also nice to be able to get some exercise in before going into work.

This train may appear to be going forward, but the "engine" is the last car; it's headed in the opposite direction

This train may appear to be going forward, but the “engine” is the last car; it’s headed in the opposite direction

Two, there’s just too many people trying to catch the express trains in Tarrytown. I got tried of trying to get on the train before this person or that one. And no matter where one stood, there was always the day when you would stand because there were no seats–unless you wanted to squeeze into a middle east on a three-seat bank. I watched a businessman tell his daughter–who probably came up to my thigh–to get ahead of people to get them seats. (He did this daily.) This after they would arrive late, but being small she always got around people. Except me. I blocked her on several occasions with my shoulder bag. One has to wonder that, years from now, will the daughter and her friends push their way through people to get onto the trains first?

It’s barbaric, and uncivilized. I’m tired of it. There’s a lot of people getting on at Philipse Manor, but probably four times as many get on in Tarrytown. It’s always fun when the train is a car or two short, which happens occasionally .

No, I’ll walk the extra mile. I can get a window seat, get comfy and write my diary or read a book.

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