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Old Dutch Church–Window Marking Original Doorway

(2014-10-13 006)I took a photograph of where the Old Dutch Church’s door used to be located before Broadway/Route 9 was relocated to another one side of the church, prompting the congregation to move the door to face the new Broadway, thereby eliminating the old door location and reorienting the inside of the church.  Well, I found the photograph.

You can see that the stone below the window doesn’t quite match the surrounding stone. This window is the only one to have stonework like this below it; below the other windows a the stone configurations match the surrounding stonework. It was here that the original door was located, which was removed and the doorway made into a window.

This window is now located to one side of the reconfigured inside of the church, facing the altar.


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Sleepy Hollow’s Dirty Little Secret

(2014 -04-05 006As I volunteer at the Historical Society, I learn a lot of things about Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow. One that shocked me was that the bridge the Headless Horseman would have chased Icabod Crane over was not where the New York sign marker says that it was, namely where the current bridge over the Pocantico River is on Route 9.

Intrigued, my investigation would have to wait for two weeks before I got back to the Historical Society. No one is sure where the bridge once was. Route 9 used to curve over and cross the Pocantico River further upstream. When it was decided to straighten Route 9 out to its current form, a new bridge, the spot where the current bridge is standing, was constructed; the old bridge was either abandoned and/or torn down. The place where the old bridge once stood became, as time passed, covered over in growth, the wooden supports rotted and disintegrated, and the (2014 -04-05 089embankment secured with masonry and stone, crumbled or were pulled from the foundations by kids playing or were washed away in storms. Is there anything left that might indicate where the bridge was located?

What is know is that the so-called Headless Horseman Bridge was somewhere between the current Route 9 bridge and the bridge that spans the Pocantico in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Though called the Headless Horseman Bridge by the cemetery, the bridge is new and spans the river to connect the new part of the cemetery with the old.

I have decided to go in search of any remains of what could have been the bridge that spanned the Pocantico in the time of Washington Irving.  I’m going to see if I can get a few others interested in looking with me.

Stay tuned.



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