Barbados, and Christmas Door Decorations

I walked into Bridgetown and got sunburned on my neck and arms as a result. At least the distance to the town wasn’t as great as it was on St. Thomas. I walked around a very busy town. Lots of traffic. I passed by the Old Town Hall and went into St. Mary’s Anglican/Episcopal Church’s yard.

I watched us leave Barbados, and took some pictures of the ship leaving the harbor. What struck me were the people around me snapping picture after picture—of what? I took several photographs, but not one after another. These people had big cameras, too. I’m happy with the results of my little camera.

Some of the people decorated their doors for the holidays. It never occurred to me to pack decorations for my cabin door. Some of the decorations were clever. Here’s a sampling of some interesting ones.


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3 responses to “Barbados, and Christmas Door Decorations

  1. Rick Rowe

    Cute door decorations! You could always draw something and attach, lol. Didn’t you pack sunscreen? Now you need aloe!! I hope you’re still having fun. I just arrived back in Tarrytown tonight (my trip was extended a day- super delayed flight Friday so I rebooked for Saturday). I’m so tired!

  2. Bernadette

    Hi Michael,
    This looks like a great trip. I like walking around like you did. It is relaxing. Next year, you have to bring decorations for the cabin door. They did a great job with the decorations.

  3. No more posts? Did you fall off the ship? Did you try to sneak a book out of the library to see what kind of security they have? Hope we can get together when you get back unless, of course, you have plans with New Shoe.

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