No Antigua, a Day at Sea

We docked in Antigua, but unfortunately the sea was too rough to allow the tenders to take the passengers ashore. As a result, we bypassed Antigua and had a day at sea.

There are huge, shiny steel objects bolted to the deck at the bow. They look like abstract art, but in reality they are extra propeller blades for the Queen Mary 2. This is in case the ship loses one on a voyage, there is a spare available. Throwing of propeller blades can happen. I have heard of it, but on older ships.

There are four strange plates displayed along the walls on the main floor. They represent four of the six continents. What is displayed as each continent is quite interesting. Europe is presided over by Zeus while North America by the Statue of Liberty. Past and present are represented in each. Quite interesting.


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3 responses to “No Antigua, a Day at Sea

  1. Rick

    Oh no! I’m sorry you missed Antigua. But it’s better to miss it than to end up having to swim ashore! Hope you’re still having a good time. Can you see these messages I write??

  2. Such a shame you didn’t get to enjoy Antigua – I hope you enjoyed the rest of your cruise 🔆💙

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