Danger on Madison Avenue

(2015-06-01 003)Coming into work late, I was dismayed to find a block of Madison Avenue closed off. Why quickly became apparent. Pieces of a building were falling off.

Of course people were stopping to take photos with their phones–typical tourista–so I did what I normally do: I took out my camera and took photos.

(2015-06-01 002)You can see those temporary metal struts on the sidewalk in the first picture. These things are all over Manhattan around buildings. They go up and down. I cannot tell you how many times these things are erected around one building only to be taken down months or even years later–only to pop up around yet another building. They constrict human traffic flow, and create obstacles on the already-tiny sidewalks. However, in this case these temporary “colonnades” are needed, if for no other reason than to protect the walking population.

(2015-06-01 001)This isn’t the first time I’ve seen something like this happen. The facades of buildings have come loose in the past and have tumbled down onto the sidewalks below. Today was extremely windy, with rain. Yesterday and today have been rainy. With climate change, the once a year or so bad storms are now coming more frequently, and things like this, I am sorry to say, are going to be happening more and more.

I do hope that the buildings being put up within the last 5 years are more resistant to high winds. Of course, this doesn’t solve the problem of the older buildings and their decaying facades.

Just walking out your front door can be dangerous–something which the majority of us take for granted.



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One response to “Danger on Madison Avenue

  1. Mary Spiro

    Ouch! Be careful out there, hon!

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