Fontina in Armonk, New York

I had dinner at Fontina Restaurant, a new, trendy, eating establishment in Armonk, New York. It’s at 17 Maple Avenue.

Honestly, I had never been to Armonk. When I lived in Brewster, I used to pass the sign on I 684 but never gave it much thought. I did buy gas near there when I had a blowout on 684 years ago, but I never was in the town.

The only reason I went was to see Christina, who used to work at the Silver Tips Tea Room. Christina left while I was in Greece, so I’ve been meaning to stop by and say hello. Fontina opens at 5 pm except on Sunday when they open at 11:30 for brunch. I had heard good things about Fontina, but I wanted to see Christina.

It is laid back but very trendy and pricey. I had a pizza with honey mixed in its sauce. The dessert was a chocolate mousse with sea salt and something else in it. These were two of Christina’s favorites, and they were quite good. One of the owners Rob, stopped and asked me how I liked the food. Several weeks ago, I had planned on surprising Christina so I called to see if she was there. Rob answered and handed her the phone. Turns out that I could not go that night as I was volunteering at the Warner Library, so I disappointed her. This time, I did surprise her.

After I said my good-byes, I headed into the small block that makes up the downtown area. I bought a bottle of wine and started talking to the woman who ran the local liquor store. Rob had mentioned a place that sold hamburgers and shoes (?!), and that’s what I was looking for. Turns out that the place is “closed for renovations.” (Sorry, Rob.)

When I started working at The Graduate Center at 34th Street and Fifth Avenue, there was a place a few blocks up Fifth called Munch. It was opened for about six months before it was “closed for renovations.” The space was brand new. The storefront reopened, but with a completely different restaurant–that closed after about a year.

I walked back to Fontina and found a lovely park nearby, Wampus Brook, with a bridge over the brook. I love water with bridges, and as the sun set I snapped a few photos.

If you go to Fontina, please say hello to Christina, and give Rob your regrets about the hamburger/shoe store.


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August 25, 2013 · 12:53 am

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